You are a woman, you are power!

Novartis Hellas, true to their commitment for the support of women that have been diagnosed with breast cancer, presents the 5th wave of the campaign ‘You are a woman, you are power!’, with music as the main vehicle. This year, they feature a surprising collaboration: the choir of ‘Chόrεs’, a female only, aged between 13-55 years old, artist academy (that was formed in 2017 by Marina Satti, with the aim to relive traditional songs in a unique way), spread out their own solidarity and women empowerment message.


Starting out from the polyphonic singing, ‘Chόrεs’, in a 60-second movie, experiment and deliver a complex artistic performance that incorporates theatrical and body movement elements. Moreover, they raise their voices along with other women of all ages, reminding them that they are not alone and that deep inside them lies the true power. It is a straight reference to the power of the women’s community, respecting the difference, no matter the age boundaries. Simultaneously, this is a move of high significance, since it highlights critical aspects for the fight against breast cancer, like the importance of expression, collaboration and participation in a community of solidarity.


The 5th wave of the campaign ‘You are a woman, you are power!’, takes place under the auspices of the Hellenic Society of Medical Oncology and the support of Alma Zois – Hellenic Organisation for Women with Breast Cancer, and its departments in Achaia and Thessaloniki. The campaign kicks off with a 360ο marketing of public awareness, while seminars of holistic approach for women that suffer or have suffered from breast cancer will follow.