The Children’s Hour

Bretania Theatre, April 2019

Α 1934 play by Lillian Hellman under the direction of Alexandros Cohen

Written in 1934, the play created a major scandal in America and – despite its rave reviews – was never staged again until 1961, when it was released in cinemas. The play uses Hellman’s theatrical text as its basis, but was enriched significantly with the recordings of the real events that inspired it. Placed in Scotland in 1810, the minutes from the trial, the police reports, witness accounts,  contemporary press coverage  comprise the body of the play that shifts Hellman’s play from 1934 to 1810.

The actors: Marina Psalti, Marina Aslanoglou, Alexandra Pantelaki, Vana Partheniadou, Dimitris Goutzamanis, Vasiliki Costopoulou

and vocal ensemble chόrεs:: Marina Emmanouilidou, Katerina Koutsonikola, Danae Politi, Despina Taslakidou, Marianna Tsampa

translation-direction: Alexandros Cohen

vocal ensemble conductor: Marina Satti

kinesiology: Frosso Korrou

design sets: Giannis Arvanitis

costumes: Celebrity Skin

light design: Alexandros Alexandrou

music: Panagiotis Manouilidis

music coach: Eleni Pozatzidou

playwright: Katerina Diakoumopoulou

Assistant Director: Vassilia Kanaki

Assistant set designer: Theano Vachla

production management: Lefteris Kotsis