Kypseli’s Municipal Market

Kypseli’s Municipal Market, July 2021

Side by Side is a unique music project curated by the educational branch of Kypseli’s Municipal Market. The goal of the project is to empower the neighborhood’s voices and give the chance to the female students of the area to sing next to professionals and perform live, in front of a wider audience, a music programme that aims to bring us closer to our Greek music roots.

The educational project ‘Side by Side’ kicked off on 13th June by inviting female students, aged between 10-15 years old, of schools based in Kypseli, to explore ways of expression and participate in a live show taking place in their neighborhood.

Thus, 15 young girls and 15 professional choristers from Chórεs, with Christina Poupalou as the conductor, rehearsed intensively on singing every week. With an optimistic feeling and a will for experimentation, the project concludes with a unique music programme, including Greek folk songs, on Sunday 11th July. The entrance is free and the event is implemented with the support of the Ministry of Culture & Sports.