Greek National Opera, May 2020

Yannis Konstantinidis’ Eight Dodecanesian Songs

Chórεs participated in the first Online Festival of NGO titled EXIT: SPRING which invited its audiences to a new era of listening. All video-performances revolved around the themes of the anticipation of spring and the rebirth of nature.

Chórεs, following the trend of the coronavirus age, split into small groups, produced audio recordings, rehearsed, filmed themselves individually and created a uniquely choreographed video performance based on Konstantinidis’ work which is bathed in the Greek summer light. Marina Satti notes: “Our wish is to create a contemporary composition inspired by folk song forms, choreographies and landscapes of the Dodecanese.” The collage- compositions were created by the architects Vasiliki Nikoloutsou and Isabella Economopoulou. The works combine fragments from Greek art and tradition, illustrating the Eight Dodecanesian Songs. The timeless of Mediterranean light immerses in the choreographies and functions as an element connecting antiquity to the present day. The songs were transcribed by Giannis Belonis.

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