Archaic temple of Apollo Metropolis, Karditsa / All of Greece one Culture

30 & 31 July 2022

Archaic temple of Apollo Metropolis, Karditsa

The performance “Across” starts from the spatio-temporal framework of the Asia Minor Catastrophe.
CHÓRES, as passengers of a boat sailing in the Eastern Aegean bound for Greece
shores, narrate, in their own musical language, memories from the past and of their homelands.
Rich and poor, young and old, daughters and mothers, others from the Instanbul and from Smyrni,
others from Cappadocia, Pontus and the coasts, one by one shared by known and unknown
aspects of everyday life that they are forced to leave behind.
By using their bodies and voices as a vehicle, the boat turns into an “ark” to rescue motley
of musical references, from the invaluable Asia Minor musical tradition, which are connected by one
strong shared experience: the painful displacement, the uprooting, the journey in search of a better one
of life. The anticipation for the new place, for the new homeland and for a second chance. The CHÓRES, will recount moments from their old life, habits, experiences and everything else that makes up their identity
of their heroes, proving how every little story illuminates and fits into History.
The project “Accross” combines the melodic richness and the musical ways of the traditional
music with polyphony, exploring the multiple role of the voice in rich music tradition and composing a new musical genre that addresses the present while echoing the past.
The composition and transcription of the songs is by composer Antonis Apergis.
-The production takes place within the framework of the 2022 program, the institution “All Greece is one Culture”. of the Ministry of Culture and Sports.


Composition – Music trascriptions: Antonis Apergis

Direction / Research – Dramaturgy: Yiannis Panagopoulos

Artistic direction: Marina Satti

Music Teaching – Director: Eirini Patsea
Choreography – Kinesiology: Stavros Ikbal
Sound design – Sound engineering: Giannis Voulgaris
Musicians on stage: Antonis Apergis (guitar), Yannis Poupoulis (guitar, percussion)

CΗÓRES singing:
Anthi Efstathiou, Dimitra Giakoumaki, Maria Delaporta, Eirini Zoutsou, Georgia Theologidou,
Tonia Lappa, Emilia Papapetrou, Danae Stergiou, Eleni Tasopoulou, Eleni Chrysikou
Organization – Production Execution: Nadia Samara, Thomais Triantafyllidou